About Us

All the products we sell are premium international brands made out of the finest natural ingredients to solve even problems for special types of hair (very dry, thin, damaged, curly, etc.) and skin (sensitive skin, dry, wrinkled, acne, oily, etc.). They are all Notification Portal for Cosmetic Products (CPNP) and Clean Beauty certified premium brands, e.g. SKINFOOD, AROMATICA, Mary & May, Cosrx, Innisfree, Pyunkang Yul, Shea Moisture, MIELLE, etc. Imported from South Korea and USA. Vegan, cruelty-free, ethical sourcing, no greenwashing.

Founder's Testimonial

As an African Woman who lived, worked and travelled various countries in Europe, Asia and Americas, it was always difficult to find an effective product for my skin and hair. I would get recommendations from peers from all walks of life but only products with an organic element were effective regardless if they were recommended by European, American, Asian or Arab friends for as long as it was a trusted well established brand. In 2009 while living in Hong Kong, I recieved a gift pack for a facial routine by a British friend. It was from a South Korean organic Brand: SKINFOOD. I had just migrated to Hong Kong, stressed, eventually with damaged hair and troubled skin due to changes in the weather. The giftpack delivered excellent results within 3 days on using and since then, I have never looked back! 

I started paying attention to other South Korean organic products used many of them and when I started the business, my goal was to sell only affordable brands that delivered excellent results. With time, I started following organic brands from other parts of the world such as USA that delivery effective solutions too. So you can rest assured that WILD LIFE MILLIONS eU will deliver on PRICE, QUALITY and CLEAN BEAUTY benefits.